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Volume 4, Issue 10 (October 2016)

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Social Representations of Physical Education and Sports in Gabonese Primary School Teachers

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The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the social representations of primary school teachers in Gabon on the teaching of physical education (EPS). This qualitative study carried on 54 teachers (38 women and 16 men) focused on the school district of the Estuary. The studied variables were the professional training, knowledge of official texts, teaching materials used, the role of EPS in primary school, educational practices and evaluation of EPS of primary school in Gabon and challenges for the teaching of EPS. The results obtained indicated: 1) the scarcity of training and educational support (70% of reports); 2) ignorance of official teaching texts of the EPS in the primary division (88.9% of reports); 3) the presence of a monthly annual programming for teaching the discipline for +68.6% of teachers; 4) inadequate sports infrastructure, educational materials and documentation; 5) respect of the regulatory texts (64.8% of teachers); 6) lack of teaching method for the teaching of EPS (80% of sales); 7) non-participation in the competitions organized by FEGASS. These results show that in Gabon, the teaching of physical education and sports of primary cycle reveals many difficulties compared to other disciplines.

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