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Volume 6, Issue 11 (October 2016)

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Human Health Risk Assessment in Shahid Rajaee Container Terminal

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As the ports play a prominent role in the national economy of the countries and a number of factors such as safety condition of the port and low rate or non-occurrence of accidents are greatly important for being selected as a destination for cargo owners to bring their vessels and cargo therein, giving due care to safety related issues in ports and harbors is among jurisdictional and sensitive duties of the authorities in ports and maritime areas. Enjoying some 3000 km of marine coastlines and more than 10 commercial ports throughout the country, Iran is no exception where its ports are responsible for cargo import and export. In this respect, container terminals are one of the high-risk areas in ports requiring extensive care of the pertaining authorities to take appropriate measures to maintain safety standard there. One of the significant methods and techniques for the risk assessment is P&HRAM as to the containers terminals. This method has been employed in this research taking into account the operation attributes of the works in ports and harbors. This method provided appropriate answers to the research questions in that it was predicted that the great part of the activities in container terminal poses a higher risk from human perspective than expected requiring some measures to be taken to mitigate the risks to a tolerable level. This research was conducted and the results demonstrated that more than 75% of the risks in container terminals are higher than acceptable level about which some measures were taken and the risks were reduced to 100% lower than tolerable level.

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