Circuits and Systems

Volume 7, Issue 11 (September 2016)

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Block Level Data Integrity Assurance Using Matrix Dialing Method towards High Performance Data Security on Cloud Storage

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Data outsourcing through cloud storage enables the users to share on-demand resources with cost effective IT services but several security issues arise like confidentiality, integrity and authentication. Each of them plays an important role in the successful achievement of the other. In cloud computing data integrity assurance is one of the major challenges because the user has no control over the security mechanism to protect the data. Data integrity insures that data received are the same as data stored. It is a result of data security but data integrity refers to validity and accuracy of data rather than protect the data. Data security refers to protection of data against unauthorized access, modification or corruption and it is necessary to ensure data integrity. This paper proposed a new approach using Matrix Dialing Method in block level to enhance the performance of both data integrity and data security without using Third Party Auditor (TPA). In this approach, the data are partitioned into number of blocks and each block converted into a square matrix. Determinant factor of each matrix is generated dynamically to ensure data integrity. This model also implements a combination of AES algorithm and SHA-1 algorithm for digital signature generation. Data coloring on digital signature is applied to ensure data security with better performance. The performance analysis using cloud simulator shows that the proposed scheme is highly efficient and secure as it overcomes the limitations of previous approaches of data security using encryption and decryption algorithms and data integrity assurance using TPA due to server computation time and accuracy.

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Premkumar, P. and Shanthi, D. (2016) Block Level Data Integrity Assurance Using Matrix Dialing Method towards High Performance Data Security on Cloud Storage. Circuits and Systems, 7, 3626-3644. doi: 10.4236/cs.2016.711307.

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