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Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 2016)

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Promotion of Entrepreneurship in West-Africa, Lessons from China

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African population is increasing rapidly as expected. It impacts negatively on their economic development. To solve that, we refer to the entrepreneurship, a basic way to improve significantly and help African countries in general. Apart from its contribution to the literature review for future researchers, the objective of this study is promotional and motivational of self-employments. Chinese approach (that is a part of good and useful experiences for implementation in African societies) and African demands (in entrepreneurship) are the headlines on the present topic. This current research was made in Benin, and found out eight (8) types of entrepreneurial activities. Significantly, there is 38.9% interest on trading whereas 21.18% on services, both of which are attractive to the Beninese. The entrepreneurs’ education backgrounds have shown three levels— vocational practitioners with non-degree (70%), the professionals and seniors executive (superior responsible) with universities degrees (30%). The younger (5.93%) entrepreneurs are under 25 years old. They are increasing after reaching 30 years old and get balance at 40, and later, decrease progressively. It is recommended to African governments to promote their scholars through more financial aids to the mass public in order to improve and contribute to the development of the continent.

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