Materials Sciences and Applications

Volume 7, Issue 6 (June 2016)

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Electrical Homo-Junction Delineation Techniques: A Comparative Study

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In active semiconductor devices, the junction characteristics are critical for the electrical performance. As an alternative of the atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based electrical techniques which provide unique junction characterization, other methods are dedicated for the delineation of the electrical junction such as the wet chemical etching, the electrochemical plating method, the Seebeck effect imaging (SEI) method, the electron-beam induced current (EBIC) technique and the secondary electron potential contrast (SEPC) method. The aim of this paper is in the one hand to compare these five techniques in term of sample preparation, spatial application range, spatial resolution, simplicity and information displayed. In the other hand, this review aims to provide some guidelines for the appropriate delineation method(s) selection. It was confirmed that chemical based techniques are the simplest junction delineation methods but exhibit some drawbacks in term of spatial resolution and reproducibility. Despite of a limited spatial resolution, it was evidenced that EBIC can provide accurate electrical characterization of the junction. Finally, it was demonstrated that SEPC is the most promising technique providing the higher spatial resolution. The effect of the sample preparation method has been described. Even if the comparison was mainly based on homo-micro-Silicon junctions (n-p and n-p-n-p), the results were also discussed for short SiC junctions. The importance of the analysis context was considered in this paper and analysis flow was suggested for specific analysis cases.

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Vivet, N. , Diogo, M. , Aubert, A. , Moinet, T. , Allanic, F. , Perdreau, R. and Rebrassé, J. (2016) Electrical Homo-Junction Delineation Techniques: A Comparative Study. Materials Sciences and Applications, 7, 326-347. doi: 10.4236/msa.2016.76030.

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