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Volume 6, Issue 5 (May 2016)

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Prevalence of the Nursing Diagnosis Lack of Adherence in People Living with AIDS

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Introduction: In the 1990s, the development of highly active combination antiretroviral therapy in the treatment of AIDS was highlighted. The great benefit generated by the use of this treatment was the prolongation of survival of the people who got this disease, since it is no longer considered fatal, becoming a chronic condition. Objective: To identify the prevalence of the nursing diagnosis Lack of Adherence, its defining characteristics and related factors in people living with AIDS, to investigate the association between them and the prevalence rates. Methods: Cross-sectional study with 113 patients in a hospital in northeastern Brazil. For data analysis, the test of Pearson chi-square and Fisher’s exact test were used, and also calculated the prevalence rates. Results: Lack of Adherence diagnosis was present in 69% of the sample investigated. The defining characteristics and related factors that are statistically associated with that diagnosis were: lack of adherence behavior, missing scheduled appointments, complications related to development, insufficient skills to implement the system and complex treatment system. The first two characteristics had the highest chances for the development of this diagnosis. Conclusion: The study showed that the diagnostic studied was prevalent in these patients and 3 characteristics and 2 factors showed significant association.

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Rosendo da Silva, R. , Fernandes, E. , Souza Neto, V. , Verdes Rodrigues, I. , Cardoso de Andrade, I. , Oliveira da Silva, B. , Lima Costa, F. , Teixeira Rocha, C. and Gonçalves, O. (2016) Prevalence of the Nursing Diagnosis Lack of Adherence in People Living with AIDS. Open Journal of Nursing, 6, 386-395. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2016.65040.

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