Journal of Modern Physics

Volume 7, Issue 3 (February 2016)

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Wave Particle Duality & Interference Explained

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Photons and elementary particles display the properties of particle as well as of wave known as Wave Particle Duality. Quantum Theory could not explain Wave Particle Duality only due to the belief that photon has no mass and accepted Wave Particle Duality as reality of quantum scale particles. “Experimental Proof of Mass in Photon” [1] discovered Inertial Force developed by the photons on Reflection. This Inertial Force is developed in the spinning photon from inside due to the mass of photon. These experiments also discovered that the centre of mass of photon was different from the centre of photon. Such presence of mass in a photon developing Inertial Force from within the photon gifts special properties to display Wave Particle Duality, Interference and Polarization etc. These phenomena are explained in this work which could not be explained by the Quantum Theory earlier. This work also confirms mass in photon based on both Newtonian and Special Theory of Relativity. New equations of true mass of photon are also derived.

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Agarwal, N. (2016) Wave Particle Duality & Interference Explained. Journal of Modern Physics, 7, 267-276. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2016.73026.

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Economic Institute Banja Luka, 2018
[3] New Quantum Theory Explains All the Mysterious Quantum Phenomena

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