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Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 2015)

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Consumption Value of Digital Devices: An Investigation through Facebook Advertisement

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Data collection represents the most effort-intensive stage of any marketing research exercise, especially in cases sampling frame is unavailable. Sub-optimal bypasses in form of student surveys or surveys employing convenience sampling have become common. In modern era, where laptops and smartphones enable easy accessibility of respondents online, this study utilizes Facebook advertisement as a source of data collection to measure the construct of user experience for interactive products. Modern digital devices, like smartphones, are a source of a variety of experiences for the user. Design teams at various smartphone manufacturers are struggling every day to create products which provide complete consumer experiences. This work not only proposes a framework for describing the same with usability, social value and pleasure in use, but also tests the scales for each by empirical validation. Data collection process through Facebook, as a sample frame, is something yet to be seen in marketing literature. This work goes the distance in not only demonstrating the efficacy of using Facebook advertisement as a viable data collection tool but also developing a framework to measure consumption value. Outcomes of the study, should promote further research using this sampling frame for future research, especially in the area of marketing.

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