Applied Mathematics

Volume 5, Issue 21 (December 2014)

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Complex Matter Space and Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

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The Special Relativity Theory cannot recognize speed faster than light. New assumption will be imposed that matter has two intrinsic components, 1) mass, and 2) charge, that is M = m + iq. The mass will be measured by real number system and charged by an imaginary unit. This article presents a Complex Matter Space in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. We are hoping that this approach will help us to present a general view of energy and momentum in Complex Matter Space. The conclusion of this article on Complex Matter Space (CMS) theory will lead help to a better understanding toward the conversion of mass and energy equation, unifying the forces, and unifying relativity and quantum mechanics.

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Ahangar, R. (2014) Complex Matter Space and Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Applied Mathematics, 5, 3401-3410. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.521317.

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