Agricultural Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 8 (July 2014)

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Search for Molecular Markers of Wheat Resistance to Fungal Pathogens

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Functional traits, potentially associated with resistance to infection, were investigated in cultivars of bread wheat. Plant responses to infection by hemibiotrophic fungus Stagonospora (Septoria) nodorum were studied under laboratory conditions. Infection-induced up-regulation of genes coding for class III peroxidase, oxalate oxidase and protease inhibitor was greater in leaves with reduced disease symptoms (percentage of chlorotic or necrotic leaf area). Similar association was detected between activity of pectinase inhibitors and disease severity. Resistant cultivar also differed from the susceptible one by increased content of Н2О2 in infected tissues and more intensive deposition of lignin. We discuss possibility of using these functional traits in plant breeding for increased stress tolerance.

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Yarullina, L. , Veselova, S. , Ibragimov, R. , Shpirnaya, I. , Kasimova, R. , Akhatova, A. , Tsvetkov, V. and Maksimov, I. (2014) Search for Molecular Markers of Wheat Resistance to Fungal Pathogens. Agricultural Sciences, 5, 722-729. doi: 10.4236/as.2014.58076.

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