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Volume 2, Issue 6 (June 2014)

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Regional Cooperation―Electronic Commerce Impact

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Albania has become an important factor of security, peace and stability in the region. Albania has a great development potential, deriving its comparative advantages from its geographical position, human resources and physical endowments. Proximity to European markets and favorable climate conditions are positive factors for the agricultural sector. Becoming part of international transport corridors will raise the importance of the country in the development of regional trade [1]. Albania is also an attractive tourist destination as a result of its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage but now days it can’t be understood the development of a country without considering the others. As the Sustainable Development requires, we must consider the world as a system and being aware that air pollution from a country affects air quality on the other countries. When we think of the world as a system we also understand that quality of life is a system too. At this context, there are several actions that can contribute to the regional cooperation as well as the well being of a country and its citizens. The focus of this manuscript is to describe the electronic commerce impact, advantages and barriers related to e-commerce implementation as well as a SWOT1 analysis of Albania and other countries. The manuscript is well documented as a scientific research paper.

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