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Discogenic pain: Who cares?

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Chronic low back pain has a huge impact on daily living and a negative economic and professional effect. It is a matter of debate and concern for all health professionals involved, particularly spine surgeons. Recent discoveries on the innervation and biochemical properties of the intervertebral disc clarify the role of this structure as a possible cause of chronic low back pain. However, multiple causes may be present in the same patient making the diagnosis a challenging process. Discogenic pain is defined as a chronic low back pain induced by a degenerative disc disease. There are no specific characteristics of discogenic pain, although it has a higher incidence in younger age, it is usually localized medially in the back, worsens with axial loading and improves with recumbence. In the last decades we have assisted the emergence of multiple treatment techniques. However, neither the conservative treatment nor the interventional management has strong evidence in treating discogenic pain. Randomized control clinical trials are sought to improve patient outcome. Meanwhile, we believe each patient should be approached on an individual base. Discogenic pain: we care.


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