Advances in Historical Studies

Volume 2, Issue 1 (March 2013)

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Evaluating National Socialism as a “True” Fascist Movement

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The terms “Fascism” and “Nazism” are often linked, and at times they are regarded as one and the same ideology. The question raised is what is the distinction between Fascism and National Socialism or Nazism? A closer look at the ideas of fascism and National Socialism reveals certain affinities and overlaps with other ideologies, like Socialism, Liberalism and Conservatism. Fascism had many contradictory strands and despite deep unresolved tensions between ideas of race, nation and state in both National Socialism and fascism, the former is regarded as a “true” fascist movement. This article strives to ascertain the main differences and similarities between National Socialism and fascism and to ascertain if National Socialism could be considered to be a “true” fascist movement.

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Nicolaides, A. (2013). Evaluating National Socialism as a “True” Fascist Movement. Advances in Historical Studies, 2, 11-16. doi: 10.4236/ahs.2013.21004.

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