Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry

Volume 2, Issue 4 (December 2012)

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The Reaction Sequence and Dielectric Properties of BaAl2Ti5O14 Ceramics

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To investigate the correct reaction sequence of BaO-Al2O3-5TiO2 system, powders calcined at different temperatures are analyzed by x-ray diffraction. The results show that the source phase BaCO3 decomposes below 800°C, TiO2 and Al2O3 start to consume at 900 and 1100°C, respectively. BaTi4O9 phase appears at 1000°C while BaAl2Ti5O14 phase starts to reveal at 1200°C. As the temperature increases, the density, dielectric constant and quality factor of the BaAl2Ti5O14 ceramic increase and keep unchanged at 1350°C. The dielectric properties of BaAl2Ti5O14 ceramic sintered at 1350°C for 3h are: εr=35.8, Q×f=5130GHz, τf=-6.8ppm/°C.

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