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Effects of cola intake on fertility: a review

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The consumption of soft drinks has increased considerably during the last decades. Among them, the cola-based preparations are possibly the refreshments with the largest sales worldwide. During the previous years, important concerns have been raised about the effects of colas on human health. In this review, we introduce the cola effects on reproduction including pregnancy miscarriages, ovulatory and menstrual disorders, and reduced semen quality. Although caffeine intoxication may be thought to play the most important role, a component of cola other than caffeine, or in combination with caffeine, may be associated with increased risk of reproductive hazards in heavy cola (> 1 L per day)-consumers. Cola discontinuation usually leads to an uneventful recovery in the most cases suggesting justification of limitations in the maximum recommended daily dose of these soft drinks. Cola is not an essential beverage, and abstaining from drinking more than 1 L per day is a minor intrusion in one’s personal life. Despite these uncertainties, this growing know- ledge may alarm the fertility risk of chronic cola intake in peoples of childbearing age.

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Imai, A. , Ichigo, S. , Takagi, H. , Matsunami, K. , Suzuki, N. and Yamamoto, A. (2010) Effects of cola intake on fertility: a review. Health, 2, 997-1001. doi: 10.4236/health.2010.29147.

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