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Volume 2, Issue 4 (December 2012)

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Sensitivity and specificity of five malaria rapid diagnostic kits used in south-south region of Nigeria

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Sensitivity and specificity of five commonly used rapid malaria test kits in South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria were analyzed, namely Plasmotest (Biotech International, Germany), Malariatest (Acon Diagnostic, USA), AcumPF (Acumen, China), PF test (Diaspot, Indonesia) and Malaria P.f. (Global, USA). A total of 200 positive malaria blood sample using microscopy as gold standard and 200 negative were obtained from adult and children. All the kits were tested against these gold standards as directed by the manufacturers. Of the 100 positive gold standard used from children sample, 96% sensitivity were recorded for Biotech, Acon and Global 97%, while Acumen and Diaspot had 99% and 98% respectively. The the highest Specificity was recorded with Biotech 99% both Acumen and Diaspot had 97% specificity. In adult blood sample, there was general reduction in the sensitivity of the test kits. We obtained Sensitivity of 30% with Biotech, 46% with Acon, Global 73%, Diaspot 75%, and Acumen 78%. Considering the increasing influx of MRDT’s into the country, and from the result obtained from this study, there is need for control agensis to ensure that diagnostic test kits be reevaluated before introduction into Nigeria market.

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