Volume 3, Issue 9 (September 2012)

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Evaluation of Anxiety Levels and Anger Styles of University Students

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Anger is an emotion, which is useful if it is short-lived and of medium intensity, and which may be detrimental when it is continuous or severe. The aim of this study is to statistically evaluate the attitudes of university students towards anger and anxiety, and consequently towards violence. 150 subjects were randomly selected from among university students. Their anxiety levels were measured and evaluated pursuant to state and trait anxiety scale; trait anger levels and anger styles were measured and evaluated pursuant to trait anger and anger attitude scale, socio-demographic nature was measured and evaluated pursuant to structured scale, and all the data were evaluated by using the statistics programs spss 18.0. 15 girls (10%) and 135 boys (90%) formed the sample group. When the responses to the questionnaire are reviewed, it is observed that 30.7% of the students expressed that they witnessed violence in their families and among relatives, 47.3% expressed that they have been punished by their families, and only 4 out of 105 students who were involved in fight to date have expressed that they received legal penalty. The data that have been gathered suggest that there is a positive correlation between outward anger scores and higher level of anxiety amongst the students. This finding indicates that expression of anger may cause interpersonal conflicts, negative self-perception, and decreased self-esteem. There also exists positive correlation among responses to the effect that those who were involved in fight in the past were witnessed more severe reactions than punishment. Violence severely influences an individual physically, emotionally and socially.

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Tavacıoğlu, L. , Kora, O. , Yılmaz, E. & Hergüner, E. (2012). Evaluation of Anxiety Levels and Anger Styles of University Students. Psychology, 3, 737-741. doi: 10.4236/psych.2012.39111.

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