Circuits and Systems

Volume 11, Issue 6 (June 2020)

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Noise Reduction for Digital Communications—The Masterpiece, a Modified Costas Loop

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An efficient way of noise reduction has been presented: A modified Costas loop called as Masterpiece. The basic version of the Costas loop has been developed for SSB SC demodulation, but the same circuit can be applied for QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) demodulation as well. Noise sensitivity of the basic version has been decreased. One trick is the transformation of the real channel input into complex signal, the other one is the application of our folding algorithm. The result is that the Masterpiece provides a 4QAM symbol error rate (SER) of 6 × 104 for input signal to noise ratio (SNR) of 1 dB. In this paper, an improved version of the original Masterpiece is introduced. The complex channel input signal is normalized, and rotational average is applied. The 4QAM result is SER of 3 × 104 for SNR of 1 dB. At SNR of 0 dB, the improved version produces 100 times better SER than that the original Costas loop does. In our times, this topic has a special importance because by application of our Masterpiece, all dangerous field strengths from 5G and WiFi, could be decreased by orders of magnitude. The Masterpiece can break the Shannon formula.

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Ladvánszky, J. (2020) Noise Reduction for Digital Communications—The Masterpiece, a Modified Costas Loop. Circuits and Systems, 11, 57-64. doi: 10.4236/cs.2020.116006.

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