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Volume 11, Issue 9 (September 2020)

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From Poincaré’s Electro-Gravific Ether (1905) to Cosmological Background Radiation (3°K, 1965)

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It is well known that Einstein published in June 1905 his theory of Special Relativity (SR) without entirely based on space-time Lorentz Transformation (LT) with invariance of Light Velocity. It is much less known that Poincaré published, practically at the same time, a SR also based entirely on LT with also an invariant velocity. However, according to Poincaré, the invariant is not only that of light wave but also that of Gravific Wave in Ether. Poincaré’s Gravific ether exerts also a Gravific pressure, in the same paper, on charged (e) Electron (a “Hole in Ether” according to Poincaré). There are thus two SR: That of Einstein (ESR), without ether and without gravitation, and that of Poincaré (PSR), with Electro-Gravific-Ether. The crucial question arises then: Does “SPECIAL” Poincaré’s (e)-G field fall in the framework of Einstein’s GENERAL Relativity? Our answer is positive. On the basis of Einstein’s equation of gravitation (1917) with Minkowskian Metric (MM) and Zero Constant Cosmological (CC) we rediscover usual Static Vacuum (without charge e of electron). On the other hand with MM and Non-Zero CC, we discover the gravific field of a Cosmological Black Hole (CBH) with density of dark energy compatible with expanding vacuum. Hawking’s Stellar Black Hole (SBH) emits outgoing Black Radiation, whilst Poincaré’s CBH emits (at time zero) incoming Black Radiation. We show that Poincaré’s G-electron involves a (quantum) GRAVITON (on the model of Einstein’s quantum photon) underlying a de Broglie’s G-Wave. There is therefore a Gackground Cosmological model in Poincaré’s basic paper which predicts a density and a temperature of CBR very close to the observed (COBE) values.

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