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Volume 10, Issue 3 (September 2020)

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Rare Neonatal Digestive Surgical Emergencies at the Brazzaville University Hospital Center

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The purpose of our study was to evaluate the morbidity-morality of rare neonatal digestive emergencies in order to improve their management. Observations: 7 newborns ranging in age from 6 hours to 3 weeks were treated for rare digestive pathologies between January 2013 and July 2017 (a period of 3 years and 6 months) in the Department of Pediatric surgery of Brazzaville University Center, Congo. Males were predominant (5 versus 2 females). Pathologies listed were: 1 antenatal volvulus of the small intestine, 1 annular pancreas and 5 gastric perforations. The average time of care in the operating room was 12 hours. The newborns were hospitalized in the pediatric surgery department in 28.6% of cases (n = 2), and 71.4% (n = 5) in the neonatology department. The antenatal volvulus of the intestine and annulus pancreas were integrated into a nosologic entity named neonatal occlusion (NNO). The postoperative outcomes were simple for 4 patients (57.14%) while 3 patients died immediately after surgery (42.86%). Conclusion: Neonatal surgical emergencies are still difficult to manage in our context. The lack of knowledge of these rare pathologies, which delays their management, considerably increases morbidity-mortality. The critical analysis of this series highlights diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties particularly with gastric perforations, hence the interest of better popularization of pediatric surgery.

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Ondima, L. , Mboutol-Mandavo, C. , Yanguedet, M. , Miabaou, D. , Mieret, J. , Niendet, C. , Ossete, G. , Mawandza, P. , Ngakengni, N. and Bowassa, G. (2020) Rare Neonatal Digestive Surgical Emergencies at the Brazzaville University Hospital Center. Open Journal of Pediatrics, 10, 463-473. doi: 10.4236/ojped.2020.103047.

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