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Volume 6, Issue 2 (June 2020)

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Circumcision: Part II, Is Abraham the Patriarch only of Jews?

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In previous paper Circumcision: History, Scope, and Aim: Part I (Brondz & Aslanova, 2019), was clearly presented by archeological and mythologic-historical evidences that custom of circumcision existed in Ancient Egypt for thousand years or more before Abraham’s time. It also was evidence from Semitic mythology that God Il or El (abbreviation for ('ēl or 'Il, Hebrew:אל; Syriac: ܐܠ; Arabic: إل or إله; Romanized: ilu) is a Northwest Semitic word with meaning is “God”, “Lord” or “Deity”. God Il have appeared in Northwest Semitic tradition from Ugarit (maybe even earlier from the one of Phoenician traditions). The word 'ila, is the derivative form the old Akkadian and has roots in the Proto-Semitic archaic biliteral '-l, meaning “God”. The Hebrew form אל is a word meaning God, it could be used for any God, including Hadad, Moloch, or Yahweh. The name ēl, used in the singular, it means the supreme God, and by this it is referred to Yahweh. Yahweh for Jews is the supreme God, because other gods are supposed to be either nonexistent or insignificant, even they are existing. Yahweh have not denied existence of other Gods or Goddesses. Semitic Gods or Goddesses had not required from their followers to be circumcised before it has happened with Abraham. Abraham was circumcised, if he was at all was circumcised, by the order of God Il or El, or other Semitic Gods or Goddesses. In the present paper will also be explained the real meaning Goi (גוי), presented analysis will support the theory why the choice of Abraham as Patriarch by Jews was done, why in the Old Testament was described his circumcision and the arguments in opposition to the description of Abraham’s circumcision by order given by God Il or El, or other Semitic Gods or Goddesses at the time. The name used in the paper Abram and Abraham is referred to the same man as it is in the Torah, or in the Bible, or in the Koran.

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