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Nempung Messages in Communication Manggarai Traditional Marriage: Case Study of Three Clay Events on Communication Manggarai Traditional Marriage in Kupang City, NTT, Indonesia

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The problems of this study: 1) what are the similarities and differences in the characteristics of the practice of Nempung message communication in the three cases of Manggarai Customary Marriage communication in Kupang? 2) What symbols were found during the implementation of Nempung in these three traditional marriage communication events? 3) What is the meaning of the Nempung symbols in the three Manggarai traditional marriage communication events in Kupang city? 4) What is the importance Nempung message for the wedding couple of the next generation of Manggarai today? Discussion of the results of the study, first, the three cases of Nempung have unique characteristics due to different conditions underlying them. But, the three also showed a fundamental similarity. In the Nempung event, a symbolic communication interaction process took place between two different families. The communication process of Nempung provides important messages for new families and for the bond of relations between the two extended families (male and female families). Second, important communication symbols in Nempung include: 1) Human symbols as prototypes; 2) Pet symbols; 3) Symbols of material and life necessities such as machetes (kope), traditional cloth Manggrai (towe songke), dulang, sack rice, each of which has its own meaning in the life of a new family in the future. Third, the symbols of Nempung communication mean deeply to the lives of Manggarai people in general and newlyweds in developing new family visions and missions, especially in daily life. Fourth, implementing Nempung according to Manggarai custom is very important for the traditional legitimacy of the marriage of two people who want to live as husband and wife. Without Nempung, marriages have not received the legitimacy of the Manggarai custom. The influence of the times, Nempung tends to be ignored by some Manggarai marriages. Even the marriage of two people is bypassed by shortcuts, elopement, gathering kebo, without customary affairs. Suggestions are given: 1) For the Manggarai bride and groom, the results of this study are useful as information material to live up to the importance of adat legitimacy for their marriage as a legal entity. 2) For Manggarai parents, the results of this study serve as inspiration for strengthening their belief in the importance of traditional legitimacy to their marriages and future generations. 3) For the Manggarai community, the results of this study become informational material to understand the nature of marriage from the perspective of traditional Manggarai and inspiration material to continue to believe that Nempung is a moment of traditional legitimacy that must be maintained for traditionally legimated marriages. 4) For the following researchers, the results of this study provide a foundation for further research on the relevance of the current Nempung communication event.

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