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Effect of Using Mouthwash Solution on Commensal Flora of the Oral Cavity among Female Students in Qassim University

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Oral health is the pathway to one’s general health and wellness. Mouthwash is a product used as an adjunct to oral hygiene practices as an antiseptic and antiplaque and antimicrobial agent. The awareness of using mouthwash solution is so limited worldwide. And maybe there’s effect of mouthwash on commensal flora. The aim of this study is to measure the effect of using Mouthwash solution on commensal flora of the oral cavity. In this study, we determined three groups, the first group is considered as a basic group where Female students are not using any mouthwash, the second group used mouthwash twice daily for two weeks, group number three used mouthwash twice weekly. We take cytological sample scraping from oral cavity. All the cytological sections of all groups stained with Papanicolaou stain and examined the slides under the microscope. The study came out with the following results: The basic group that did not use any mouthwash remained unchanged, while the second group, who used mouthwash twice daily, showed a clear epithelial tissue for any bacteria and a clear background. Group number three, who used mouthwash twice a week, showed countable bacteria in epithelial tissue with a clear background. Finally, the study concluded: Cosmetic mouthwash solution has a bad effect on commensal flora if you over used it and leads to killing all your normal flora in oral cavity as much as therapeutic mouthwash will do.

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