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The Effect of Basic Technical Training on Performance Capabilities of Young Soccer Players

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It was suggested that training of players at young ages should focus on the development of basic technical skill since optimal responses to such training can be obtained at these ages. The aim of the present study was to examine the inclusion of basic technical exercises to regular soccer training on performance capabilities in young players. Twenty-eight young (12 - 14 yrs) players were assigned to either a soccer training group that performed specific soccer training (SG), or a group that combined soccer and basic technical training (TG). Both groups completed two similar sets of tests prior to and following nine weeks of training. While SG training led to a significant improvement only in the 20 m shuttle run aerobic test (645± 368 vs. 738 ± 308 m, p 0.05), TG training led to a significant improvement in 10 m (2.05 vs. 2.00 sec) and 30 m (5.13 vs. 5.07 sec) sprint times (p 0.05 for both). However, a significant reduction in the 4 × 10 m agility test (9.99 vs. 10.20 sec, p 0.01) was found for the TG. Neither of the training programs had a significant effect on the long-jump power test. The findings demonstrate the complexity and the various requirements of soccer, suggesting that in order to comply with all game requirements technical training program for young players may be more efficient if implemented together with resistance—and endurance-type exercises.

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