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Study of Eppler 423 Airfoil with Gurney Flap and Vortex Generators

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In the past extensive research has been carried out, to study the effect of Gurney flap (GF) on symmetric and cambered airfoil for its usage in low Reynolds number regime. Use of GF at the trailing edge of the airfoil enhances the lift due to increase in the effective camber of the airfoil, which in turn improves the aerodynamic efficiency i.e. Cl/Cd. In the present study, Eppler 423 airfoil is used to first understand the aerodynamics of such a highly cambered airfoil and later GF of various sizes were added on it to understand the change in flow dynamics achieved by adding the GF and their impact on aerodynamic parameters such as Cl, Cd and Cl/Cd. Eppler 423 being a highly cambered airfoil produces high lift coefficient and smoother stall and by adding the GF of various sizes the performance of Eppler 423 improves tremendously and reason for this enhanced performance and effect of size of GF are presented in this paper. Vortex Generators (VG) generate counter rotating vortices that allow the flow to remain attached even at high angles of attack. Also, effect of adding VG at the leading edge of Eppler 423 aerofoil is presented in this paper. At last, results obtained from combination of VG at leading edge and GF at trailing edge on Eppler 423 aerofoil are discussed at length.

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Chandra, S. and Tyagi, R. (2020) Study of Eppler 423 Airfoil with Gurney Flap and Vortex Generators. Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology, 5, 1-19. doi: 10.4236/aast.2020.51001.

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