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“Pehakovia” and House Forming Strategy and To Kaili Settlement in Central Celebes Indonesia

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In Indonesia, there are many unique settlement patterns, which reflect the customs and wisdom of indigenous tribes. The “Kaili” tribe in Central Sulawesi (To Kaili) is one of the many tribes in Indonesia who have their own principles in shaping their homes and natural environment. Some principles that become a benchmark in his life are: 1) “Hintuvu” (regulating human-human relations), 2) “Katuvua” (human-natural relationship), 3) “Pehakovia” (guardian of humans and nature or spirit). The question of his research is: How does “Pehakovia” become the foundation of spirituality to build the house and environment of the Natural “To Kaili”? This study aims to observe the role of “Pehakovia” in relation to procedures for building houses and the natural environment of To Kaili from time to time. Phenomenology methods are used to answer questions and goals. The results revealed the role of “Pekahovia” in the “To Kaili” community, ranging from the uniqueness of the settlement to the lifestyle of the “Tokaili”. Phenomenological methods are also used to measure the role of Pehakovia in planning and designing homes and the surrounding natural environment. The core role of “Pekahovia” in the life of “To Kaili” is to find a balance of life in the To Kaili community. The concept of macrocosm into the concept of a microcosm concept is reflected in the application of local wisdom strategies in the home and settlement. The process of Internalization cosmological concepts in the home and environment aims to create a sense of security and avoid the possibility of disaster. The harmonious relationship between humans and spiritual guardians (“Pehakovia”) is manifested by various traditional ceremonies that fill the lives of the “To Kaili” Society; this process shows the balance has occurred in the home and the surrounding natural environment.

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