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Elimination of the Potentially Dangerous Asteroid “Apophis” Using Electric Rocket

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DOI: 10.4236/aast.2019.42002    387 Downloads   681 Views


A project of elimination of potentially dangerous asteroid Apophis which April 13, 2029 year approaches to Earth at a distance of 36,000 km is considered. The elimination is carried out by means of asteroid disintegration into small fragments as a result of nuclear explosion, which is produced 133 days before the moment of maximal convergence of the asteroid Apophis with Earth. In the project, a method of phased timely delivery of nuclear charge on the surface of the asteroid is proposed. In the first stage, the nuclear charge using carrier rocket “Delta” is delivered into Earth orbit. In the second stage, the charge using electric rocket is transferred from Earth orbit into the orbit of asteroid Apophis and is descended onto its surface. For implementation of the project, the design of electric rocket ER-7, which uses electric rocket engines type MARS and solar panels based on gallium arsenide is developed. Design of landing capsule, which has a chemical rocket engine and the container in which located the nuclear charge of 6 megaton is developed.

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Rubinraut, A. (2019) Elimination of the Potentially Dangerous Asteroid “Apophis” Using Electric Rocket. Advances in Aerospace Science and Technology, 4, 17-28. doi: 10.4236/aast.2019.42002.

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