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Attitudes, Knowledge, and Perceptions of Patients Regarding Type-2 Diabetes in Jordan

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Introduction: Poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes is considered a major public health problem and associated with adverse outcomes in Jordan. Good diabetes knowledge may facilitate adaptation of healthy behaviors and improve patients’ adherence to their diabetes management plans. Purpose: To gain an in-depth understanding of attitudes, perceptions and knowledge of patients which underpin their behaviors in Jordan. Methods: 8 focus groups with 38 patients with poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes were conducted. The focus group sessions were audio recorded and transcribed. Thematic analysis was employed to analyze the qualitative data. All transcripts were uploaded into the qualitative data analysis software pack NVivo. Results: Patients reported the different ways in which they were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Most of the patients visited the health facility after experiencing signs and symptoms of diabetes, often for some time before seeking medical help. Stress and family history were perceived as causes of developing diabetes and reasons for poorly controlled diabetes. Fatalistic beliefs were shared when the patients were talking about the causes of diabetes, the reasons for developing diabetes and their inability to control their blood glucose levels. Patients also associated fatalistic attitudes with religious beliefs and the power of God as illness being in God’s hands. Patients’ responses also showed a poor understanding of the basic knowledge of diabetes. Conclusions: Effective health education programs need to be tailored to meet the individual needs of patients. Patients need to be provided with accurate information about medications, side effects and therapeutic effects. An educational program may rectify misconceptions among patients

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