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Studies on the Internal Ballistics of Composite Solid Rocket Propellants Incorporating Nano-Structured Catalysts

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This paper deals with the analysis of burn rate using various catalysts of Iron Oxide and determining which gives the higher burn rate with low pressure variation. The Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) was obtained and ground into fine powder with the particle size ranging from 63 to 125 μm. The propellant strands were prepared with proportions by mixing AP with the binder (Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene), the catalyst (Iron Oxide), curing agent (Isophorone diisocyanate) and the plasticizer (Dioctyladipate). The prepared propellant mixture was cured at around 63 deg C to get various propellant strands. The first strand was prepared with the absence of a catalyst to set an initial base of comparison with other Iron Oxide catalysts, namely, Flower Shaped, Micro and Nano, based on the size of the particles. The combustion process was carried out in a strand burner, which was in turn connected to a data acquisition system. The obtained output was analysed in the form of graphs. The burn rate was achieved by calculating the slope of the graph i.e . by calculating the difference between the highest and the lowest peak of the graph and dividing the total time by the answer. The experiment was repeated with the different catalyst types, as mentioned above, at different pressures. It was observed that the Nano shaped Iron Oxide exhibits better burning characteristics when compared to the rest with the pressure index of 0.792. In this paper, the various experiments carried out along with their procedures are explained in detail. The results obtained and the techniques used are also elaborately described in this paper.

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