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Prof. Thangarasu Pandiyan

Dept of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)


Email: pandiyan@servidor.unam.mx



1993 Ph.D., Bharathidasan University

1986 M.Sc., Bharathidasan University

1984 B.Sc., University of Madras


Publications (Selected)

  1. Nano hybrid chemosensor for the simultaneous detection of fluoride and iodide in aqueous system and its utility in real samples, Carlos Alberto Huerta-Aguilar, Jasminder Singh, Harpreet Kaurc, Thangarasu Pandiyan and Narinder Singh, Electroanalysis 27, 534-543 (2015).
  2. Oxidation of phenols by TiO2-Fe3O4-M (M=Ag or Au) hybrid composites under visible light, A. Huerta Carlos, T. Pandiyan,  J. Arenas-Alatorre,  and Narinder Singh,  Separation and Purification Technology,  149, 265-278 (2015).
  3. Voltammetric simultaneous determination of Cu2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+ in full aqueous medium using Organic Nanoparticles of Disulphide based receptor. J. Singh, C. A Huerta-Aguilara, H. Singh, T. Pandiyan and N. Singh, (2015).  (Electroanalysis, accepted 2015)
  4. Ruthenium(II) complexes containing benzimidazolic tripodal ligands.  T. Pandiyan, J. Guadalupe Hernández, Herbert Höpfl, J. Cruz, M. Serrano-Ruiz, A. Romerosa  Inorg. Chim. Acta , 431, 258-265 (2015) (special issue, invited paper)
  5. Theoretical and experimental studies of phenol oxidation by ruthenium complex with N,N,N-tris(benzimidazol-2-ylmethyl)amine, Hernandez J. Guadalupe, Antonio Romero Silva, Thangarasu Pandiyan, Rafeal Herrera Najera, Alfonso Duran Moreno, Orta Ledesma Maria Teresa, Julian Cruz,  Narinder Singh, (J. Mol. Model, accepted,  2015).
  6. Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanoparticles for Bacterial Inhibition: Synthesis and Characterization of Doped and Undoped ONPs with Ag/Au NPs. Carlos Alberto Huerta Aguilar, Adriana Berenice Pérez Jiménez, Antonio Romero Silva, Navneet Kaur, Pandiyan Thangarasu, Jorge Manuel Vázquez Ramos , and Narinder Singh, Molecules, 20, 6002-6021 (2015)
  7. Three novel input Logic Gates supported by fluorescence studies: Organic nanoparticles (ONPs) as chemo-sensor for detection of Zn 2+ and Al3+ in aqueous medium, C.A. Huerta-Aguilar, T. Pandiyan,  Narinder Singh, Jayanthi Narayanan  Spectrochim. Acta  146, 142-150 (2015).
  8. Nanomolar Detection of Iodide in Aqueous Medium Using Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanoparticles: Application in Urine Analysis, Carlos Alberto Huerta Aguilar, Hemant Sharma, Pandiyan Thangarasu, Narinder Singh, Chempluschem. 80, 665-672 (2015).
  9. Experimental and theoretical studies of C−H•••M interactions in palladium and platinum complexes derived from 1,2-bis-(2-hydroxymethylphenylthio)ethane, Simplicio González-Montiel, Diego Martínez-Otero, José G. Alvarado-Rodríguez, Noemí Andrade-López, Manuel Carmona-Pichardo, Julián Cruz-Borbolla, Thangarasu Pandiyan and Leslie W. Pineda, Polyhedron, 87, 181-193 (2015).
  10. Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles (FONs) of Imine-Linked Peptide for Detection of Cr3+ in Aqueous Medium. Navneet Kaur, Simanpreet Kaur, Richa Mehan, Carlos Alberto Huerta Aguilar, Pandiyan Thangarasu, Narinder Singh, Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical B: 206,  90-97 (2015).
  11. Synthesis of Photochromic Oligophenylenimines: Optical and Computational Studies, Armando. Martínez Pérez, Oscar Coreño Alonso, Julián Cruz Borbolla , José M. Vásquez-Pérez , Juan Coreño Alonso, Karina Alemán Ayala , Gabriel Luna-Bárcenas 5, Thangarasu Pandiyan 6 and Rosa A. Vázquez García , Molecules, 20, 5440-5455 (2015)
  12. Synthesis, X-ray diffraction, and density functional studies of tin(IV) compounds containing a pincer-type SNS ligand. Fernando J. Mejia-Rivera, José G. Alvarado-Rodríguez, Noemí Andrade-López, Julián Cruz-Borbolla, Vojtech Jancik, Rafael Moreno-Esparza, Thangarasu Pandiyan, Struct. Chem., 26, 189-198 (2015).
  13. Synergistic antibacterial activity of nano-hybrid materials  ZnO-Ag  and ZnO-Au NPs:  Synthesis, characterization and comparative analysis of undoped and doped ZnO NPs, A. B. Pérez-Jiménez,  C. A. Huerta Aguilar, J. M. Vázquez Ramos,  and T.  Pandiyan,  Aus. J. Chem. 68, 288-297 (2015).
  14. DFT analysis: Fe4 cluster and Fe (110) surface interaction studies with pyrrole, furan, thiophene and selenophene molecules, R.L. Camacho, E. Aquino, J. Cruz, J.G. Alvarado-Rodríguez, O. Olvera-Neria. N. Jayanthi, T. Pandiyan,  Struct. Chem., 25, 115-126 (2014).
  15. Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles as Chemosensor for Nanomolar Detection of Cs+ in Aqueous Medium Shweta Chopra, Narinder Singh, PandiyanThangarasu, V. K. Bhardwaj,  N. Kaur,  Dyes and Pigments ,106, 45-50 (2014).
  16. Kinetics and mechanism for the oxidation of anilines by ClO2.  A combined experimental and computational study. C. A. Huerta Aguilar, N. Jayanthi, N. Singh, T. Pandiyan J. Phys.Org. Chem.,27, 440-449(2014).
  17. Activation of Pt-O and Pt-H bonds: DFT studies on adsorption of [Gd(H2O)n]3+ (n = 8 – 9) with Ptn (n=3-7) cluster, M. Carmona-Pichardo, R. L. Camacho-Mendoza, L. A. Zarate Hernandez, J. Cruz-Borbolla, Cesar A. González-Ramírez, Thangarasu Pandiyan and N. Jayanthi, Comput. Theor. Chem.1047, 47-54 (2014).
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  19. Synthesis, structural and spectral properties of Au complexes:  Luminescence properties and their non-covalent DNA binding studies. C. A. Huerta-Aguilar, J.M Talamantes Gómez, T. Pandiyan, I. Camacho-Arroyo, A. González-Arenas, N. Jayanthi, Rajendra Srivastava,  Appl. Organomet. Chem. 27, 578-587, 2013.
  20. Kinetic modeling and experimental design of the sodium arsenojarosite decomposition in alkaline media: implications.  Iván A. Reyes, Francisco Patiño, M. U. Flores,  T. Pandiyan  Hydrometallurgy, 137, 115-125, 2013.
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  22. Design and Synthesis of Podands Based New Ruthenium Complexes: Anion- elective Interaction Actualized with fluorescence Spectroscopy, J. Guadalupe Hernandez, H. Sharma, T. Pandiyan,  S. Narinder, Anal. Methods, 5, 3880-3887, 2013
  23. A Much-Needed Mechanism and Reaction Rate for the Oxidation of Phenols with ClO2: A Joint Experimental and Computational Study, C. Alberto Huerta Aguilar, N. Jayanthi Narayanan, M. Manoharan, T. Pandiyan,  Aus. J. Chem., 66, 814-824, 2013.
  24. Synthesis of imidazole based NHC-Au(I) complexes and their application in non- enzymatic glucose sensing M.U Anu Prathap, C. Alberto Huerta Aguilar,  Pandiyan and R.Srivastava,  J. Appl. Electrochem. 43, 939-951, 2013
  25. Simultaneous and sensitive determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine, uric acid, and tryptophan with silver nanoparticles-decorated reduced graphene oxide modified electrode, B. Kaura, T. Pandiyan, B. Satpatic, R. Srivastava, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 111, 97-106, 2013
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  27. DFT and docking studies of rhodostreptomycins A and B, their interaction with solvate/non-solvate Mg 2+ and Ca2+ ions, A. C. Jardínez, I. Nicolás-Vázquez, J. Cruz-Borbolla, C. A. González-Ramírez, M. Cepeda, J Correa-Basurto, T. Pandiyan, R. Miranda. J. Mol. Modeling, 19, 4823-4836 (2013)
  28. Raman, X-ray Diffraction, and Density Functional Studies of Intramolecular Transannular Interactions O···Sb in antimony (III) heterotetracycles, E. Guzman-Percastegui, J. Cruz-Borbolla, J. G. Alvarado-Rodriguez, N. Andrade-Lopez,  T. Pandiyan, R. Rojas-Navarrete, Struct. Chem., 20, 1555-1564, 2013.