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Dr. Thierry Dubois

Breast Cancer Biology Group, France

Email: thierry.dubois@curie.fr


1995 Ph.D., University of Paris 6, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Publications (selected)

  1. Quanz M, Herbette A, Sayarath M, de Koning L, Dubois T, Sun JS, Dutreix M (2012) Heat shock protein 90α (hsp90α) is phosphorylated in response to DNA damage and accumulates in repair foci. J. Biol. Chem. 287(12):8803-8815
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  3. Popova T, Manie E, Stoppa-Lyonnet D, Rigaill G*, Barillot E & Stern MH (2009) Genome Alteration Print (GAP): a tool to visualize and mine complex cancer genomic profiles obtained by SNP arrays. Genome Biol. 10:R128 (* Dubois’s lab)
  4. Clokie S, Falconer H, Mackie S, Dubois T & Aitken A (2009) The interaction between casein kinase Ialpha and 14-3-3 is phosphorylation dependent. FEBS J. 276, 6971-6984.
  5. Lizárraga-Sánchez F, Poincloux R, Romao M, Montagnac G, Le Dez G, Bonne I, Rigaill G*, Raposo G & Chavrier P (2009) Diaphanous-related formins are required for invadopodia formation and invasion of breast tumor cells. Cancer Res., 69, 2792-800 (* Dubois’s lab)
  6. Marty B, Maire V, Gravier E, Rigaill G, Vincent-Salomon A, Kappler M, Lebigot I, Djelti F, Tourdès A, Gestraud P, Hupé P, Barillot E, Cruzalegui F, Tucker GC, Stern MH, Thiery JP, Hickman JA & Dubois T (2008) Frequent PTEN genomic alterations and activated PI3K pathway in basal-like breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res. 10, R101
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  8. Dubois T, Paléotti O, Mironov AA Jr, Fraisier V, Stradal TEB, De Matteis MA, Franco M & Chavrier P (2005) Golgi-localized GAP for Cdc42 functions downstream of ARF1 to control Arp2/3 complex and F-actin dynamics. Nature Cell Biol. 7, 353-364.
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