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Prof. Yuxia Guo

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Tsinghua University, China


Email: yguo@math.tsinghua.edu.cn


Ph.D., Peking University, China

M.S., Shanxi University, China

B.S., Shanxi University, China

Publications (Selected)

  1. Guo Yuxia, Nonexistence, monotonicity for positive solutions of semilinear elliptic system in R^N_+, Commun. Contemp. Math., 12(2010), 351-372.
  2. Guo Yuxia, Chen Guangzhong, A note on the existence of positive solutions for a fourth oeder semilinear elliptic system, Acta. Math. Sin. 26(2010), 1263-1276
  3. Liu Xiangqing, Liu Jiaquan, Yuxia Guo, On an asymptotically p-Linear pLaplacian equation in R^N, Nonlinear Analysis, 74(2010), 676-688.
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