Turkish Academy of Sciences & TUBA Young Academy.
Biomaterials and Nanotechnology Research Group & NanoTeam.
Istanbul University.
Istanbul, Turkey



2012  Ph.D., Forest Products Engineering, Istanbul University, Türkiye

Publications (selected)

  1. Candan, Z., Akbulut, T. 2013. Developing environmentally friendly wood composite panels by nanotechnology. BioResources 8(3): 3590 – 3598.
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  9. Cota, H., Ajdinaj, D., Lato, E., Candan, Z., Quku, D., Bajraktari, A., and Korkut, S. 2012. Effect of twist drill bit and feeding speed on air dust during boring process of solid wood and wood-based composite panels. International Journal of Physical Sciences 7(11): 1837 – 1846.
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