Prof. Radian G. Belu

Drexel University, USA

Assistant Professor



2001 Ph.D., The University “Politehnica” Bucharest, Power Engineering

1999 M.S., The University of Western Ontario, Physics

1986 B.S., The Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Electronics and Telecommunication

Publications (Selected)

  1. Belu R.G. – A Space Vector Representation of the Instantaneous Reactive Power in Three-Phase Measurements – Electrical Power Systems Research 2012 (submitted).
  2. Belu R.G. and D. Koracin – The Effects of Vertical Variations of Wind Speed Characteristics and Turbulence Intensity on the Wind Turbine Power Output, Wind Energy, 2012 (submitted).
  3. Belu R.G. – Overview of Electric Generators for Nonconventional Energy Applications, Ren, Sustain. Energy Review, 2012 (submitted).
  4. Belu R.G. and G. Jumper -  Gravity waves, turbulence, and refractive index fluctuations prediction by using radiosonde data and in-situ thermosonde measurement, MTA Review, Bucharest, Romania, 2012 (accepted).
  5. Belu R.G and D. Koracin - Statistical and Spectral Analysis of the Wind Characteristics in the Western Nevada, Wind Energy, 2012 (submitted).
  6. Belu R.G and D. Koracin – Combined Wind and Solar Energy Resources of Western Nevada, Renewable Energy, 2012 (accepted).
  7. Belu R.G. – Dynamic Model of Maximum PowerPoint Tracker for Photovoltaic Applications, Applied Energy, 2012 (accepted).
  8. Belu R.G. Circuit Models Making Shield Design Simple, Rom. Rev. Sci. Tech., 2012 (accepted).
  9. Belu R.G. – Computer-aided analysis of the integration of renewable energy systems in remote areas,  Rom. Rev. Sci. Tech., 2012 (to be published).
  10. Horvath K., D. Koracin, R.G. Belu, R. Vellore, and J. Jiang - Sub-kilometer Dynamical Downscaling of Near-surface Winds in Complex Terrain with MM5 and WRF Mesoscale Models for Wind Energy Analysis, J. Geophysical Research, 2012, doi:10.1029/2012JD017432.
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  23. Belu R.G., and W.K. Hocking - Frontal Generation of Gravity Waves as Seen by the Multi-Instrument Observations (Radar, Microbarograph Systems, Radiosondes), STEP (Solar Transfer Energy Program) Handbook, July 2000, pp.163-167.
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  25. Meleshin V.I., V.A. Yakushev, and R.G. Belu – Analysis of Transistor DC Converter with Soft Switching, Electrical Technology, No. 1, pp. 47-56, 2000.

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