Prof. Hyeok Choi

University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Assistant Professor



2007 Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Environmental Engineering

2000 M.Sc., Sungkyunkwan University, Environmental Engineering

1998 B.Sc., Sungkyunkwan University, Civil Engineering

Publications (Selected)

  1. Hyeok Choi, Prince Nfodzo, Wasiu Lawal, Souhail R. Al-Abed, Young-Woo Seo, Phenomenological and Spectroscopic Analysis on the Effects of Sediment Ageing and Organic Carbon on the Fate of a PCB Congener Spiked to Sediment (Submitted for Publication. Journal of Hazardous Materials (In Press).
  2. Prince Nfodzo, Qinhong Hu, Hyeok Choi, Impacts of pH-Dependent Metal Speciation on the Decomposition of Triclosan by Sulfate Radicals. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply (In Press).
  3. Christopher M. Hessler, Mau-Yi Wu, Zheng Xue, Hyeok Choi, Youngwoo Seo, The Influence of Capsular Extracellular Polymeric Substances on the Toxicological Interaction Between TiO2 Nanoparticles and Planktonic Bacteria Water Research 46 (2012) 4687-4696.
  4. Prince Nfodzo, Hyeok Choi, Triclosan Decomposition by Sulfate Radicals: Effects of Oxidant and Metal Doses. Chemical Engineering Journal 174 (2011) 629-634.
  5. Prince Nfodzo, Hyeok Choi, Sulfate radicals destroy pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Environmental Engineering Science 28 (2011) 605-609.
  6. Hyeok Choi, Souhail R. Al-Abed, Effect of reaction environments on PCB reactivity with activated carbon impregnated with palladized iron. Journal of Hazardous Materials 179 (2010) 869-874.
  7. Natalia Quici, Maria L. Vera, Hyeok Choi, D. D. Dionysiou, Maria I. Litter, H. Destaillats, Effects of key parameters on the photocatalytic oxidation of toluene in air under UVC irradiation at 254+185 nm. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 95 (2010) 3121-319.
  8. Gautham Jegadeesan, Souhail R. Al-Abed, Vijayakumar Sundaram, Hyeok Choi, Kirk G. Scheckel, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Arsenic sorption on TiO2 nanoparticles: Kinetics, equilibrium and spectroscopic investigation. Water Research 44 (2010) 965-973.
  9. Valeria Puddu, Hyeok Choi, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Gianluca Li Puma, TiO2 Photocatalyst for indoor air remediation: Influence of crystallinity, crystal phase, and UV radiation intensity on trichloroethylene degradation. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 94 (2010) 211-218. (Selected Most Accessed Articles of 2010 1/4 Quarter and Ranked 10th).
  10. Hyeok Choi, Souhail R. Al-Abed, Shirish Agarwal, Catalytic role of palladium and relative reactivity of substituted chlorines during adsorption and treatment of PCBs on reactive activated carbon. Environmental Science and Technology 43 (2009) 7510-7515.
  11. Hyeok Choi, Souhail R. Al-Abed, Shirish Agarwal, Effects of ageing and oxidation of palladized iron embedded in activated carbon on the dechlorination of 2-chlorobiphenyl, Environmental Science and Technology 43 (2009) 4137-4142.
  12. Hyeok Choi, Shirish Agarwal, Souhail R. Al-Abed, Adsorption and simultaneous dechlorination of PCBs by GAC impregnated with ZVI/Pd bimetallic particles: Mechanistic aspects and reactive capping barrier concept, Environmental Science and Technology 43 (2009) 488-493.
  13. Hyeok Choi, Souhail R. Al-Abed, PCB congener sorption to carbonaceous sediment components: macroscopic comparison and characterization of sorption kinetics and mechanism, Journal of Hazardous Materials 165 (2009) 860-866.
  14. Qiujing Yang, Hyeok Choi, Souhail R. Al-Abed, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Iron-cobalt nanocomposite catalysts: Heterogeneous peroxymonosulfate activation, cobalt leaching, and ferromagnetic properties for environmental applications, Applied Catalysis B: Environment 88 (2009) 462-469.
  15. Hyeok Choi, Souhail R. Al-Abed, Shirish Agarwal, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Synthesis of reactive nano Fe/Pd bimetallic system-impregnated activated carbon for the simultaneous adsorption and dechlorination of PCBs, Chemistry of Materials 20 (2008) 3649-3655.
  16. Kai Zhang, Hyeok Choi, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, and Daniel B. Oerther, Application of membrane bioreactors in the preliminary treatment of early planetary base wastewater for long term space missions, Water Environment Research 80 (2008) 2209-2218 (Special Issue on Bacterial Aggregation and Flocculation).
  17. Qiujing Yang, Hyeok Choi, Yongjun Chen, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate by supported cobalt catalysts for the degradation of organic contaminants in water: The effects of support, cobalt precursor and UV irradiation, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 77 (2008) 300-307.
  18. Suzanne K. Lunsford, Nicole Speelman, Jelynn Stinson, Amber Yeary, Justyna Widera, Hyeok Choi, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Electroanalytical and spectroscopic studies of poly(2,2’-bithiophene) modified platinum electrode to detect catechol in the presence of common interferent ascorbic acid, Journal of Chemical Education 85 (2008) 128-129 (Educational Article).
  19. Hyeok Choi, Maria G. Antoniou, Miguel Pelaez, Armah A. de la Cruz, Jody A. Shoemaker, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Mesoporous nitrogen-doped TiO2 for the photocatalytic destruction of the cyanobacterial toxin microcystin-LR under visible light, Environmental Science and Technology 41 (2007) 7530-7535 (Selected Most Accessed Articles of 2007 3/4 Quarter and Ranked 16th).
  20. Hyeok Choi, Elias Stathatos and Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Effect of surfactant in a modified sol on the physicochemical properties and photocatalytic activity of crystalline TiO2 nanoparticles, Topics in Catalysis 44 (2007) 513-521. (Special issue on TiO2 Photocatalysis).

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