Dr. Kaimin Shih

The University of Hong Kong, China

Assistant Professor



2005 Ph.D., Stanford University, Environmental Engineering and Science

Publications (Selected)

  1. Chuang, K.-H.; Shih, K.; Wey*, M.-Y. The Influences of Microwave Irradiation and Polyol Precursor pH on Cu/AC Catalyst and its CO Oxidation Performance. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2012, 14:1178, 1-8. 3.287
  2. Chan, V. B. S.; Li, C. Y.; Lane, A. C.; Wang, Y.; Lu, X.; Shih, K.; Zhang, T.; Thiyagarajan*, V. CO2-driven Ocean Acidification Alters and Weakens Integrity of Calcareous Tube Produced by the Serpulid Tubeworm Hydroides elegans. PLoS ONE 2012, 7, art. no. e42718. 4.092
  3. Shih*, K. Formation of Nickel and Copper Ferrites in Ceramics: A Potential Reaction in the Reuse of Iron-Rich Sludge Incineration Ash. Environmental Technology, in press. (DOI:10.1080/09593330.2012.679694) 1.406
  4. Wang, F.; Liu, C.; Shih*, K. Adsorption Behavior of Perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) on Boehmite. Chemosphere 2012, 89, 1009-1014. 3.206 0
  5. Kuo, J.-H.; Shih, K., Lin, C.-L.; Wey*, M.-Y. Simulation of Agglomeration/Defluidization Inhibition Process in Aluminum-Sodium system by Experimental and Thermodynamic Approaches. Powder Technology 2012, 224, 395-403. 2.080 0
  6. Lu, X.; Zeng, L.; Shih*, K. Crystal Structure, Thermal Expansion and Magnetic Properties of Nd2Cu0.8Ge3 Compound. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 2012, 73, 1191-1195. 1.632 0
  7. Liu, C.; Shih*, K.; Gao, Y.; Li*, F.; Wei, L. Dechlorinating Transformation of Propachlor through Nucleophilic Substitution by Dithionite on the Surface of Alumina. Journal of Soils and Sediments 2012, 12, 724-733. 1.863 0
  8. Tseng, H.-H.; Shih, K.; Shiu, P.-T.; Wey*, M.-Y. Influence of Support Structure on the Permeation Behavior of Polyetherimide-Derived Carbon Molecular Sieve Composite Membrane. Journal of Membrane Science 2012, 405-406, 250-260. 3.850 0
  9. Shih*, K.; Tang, Y. Incorporating Simulated Zinc Ash by Kaolinite- and Sludge- Based Ceramics: Phase Transformation and Product Leachability. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering (special issue in honor of Prof. Gordon McKay) 2012, 20, 411-416. 0.826 0
  10. Wu, M.-H.; Shih, K.; Lin*, C.-L. Impact of bed particle size distribution on the distribution of heavy metal during defluidization process in fluidized bed incinerator. Combustion Science and Technology 2012, 184, 811-828. 0.857 0
  11. Chen, M.; Shih, K.; Hu, M.; Li*, F.; Liu, C.; Wu, W.; Tong, H. Biostimulation of Indigenous Microbial Communities for Anaerobic Transformation of Pentachlorophenol in Paddy Soils of Southern China. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2012, 60, 2967-2975. 2.823 0
  12. He, Y.; Shih*, K. Nano-Indentation on Nickel Aluminate Spinel and the Influence of Acid and Alkaline Attacks on the Spinel Surface. Ceramics International 2012, 38, 3121-3128. 1.751 0
  13. Liu, C. S.; Shih*, K.; Sun, C. X.; Wang, F. Oxidative Degradation of Propachlor by Ferrous and Copper Ion Activated Persulfate. Science of the Total Environment 2012, 416, 507-512. 3.286 0
  14. Liu,C.S.;Shih*,K.;Wang,F.Oxidative Decomposition of Perfluorooctanesulfonate in Water by Permanganate. Separation and Purification Technology 2012, 87, 95-100
  15. Lu, X.; Shih*, K. Metal Stabilization Mechanism of Incorporating Lead-Bearing Sludge in Kaolinite-Based Ceramics. Chemosphere 2012, 86, 817-821. 3.206 0
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  17. Liu, C. S.; Higgins, C. P.; Wang, F.; Shih*, K. Effect of Temperature on Oxidative Transformation of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) by Persulfate Activation in Water Separation and Purification Technology. Separation and Purification Technology 2012, 91, 46-51. 2.921 0
  18. Kwon, Y.-N.; Shih, K.; Tang, C.; Leckie*, J. O. Adsorption of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) on Thin-Film Composite Polyamide Membranes. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2012, 124, 1042-1049. 1.289 0
  19. Tang, Y.; Shih*, K.; Wang, Y.; Chong, T.-C. Zinc Stabilization Efficiency of Aluminate Spinel Structure and its Leaching Behavior. Environmental Science & Technology 2011, 45, 10544-10550. 5.228 0
  20. Lu*, X.; Zeng, L.; Shih, K. Crystal Structure, Thermal Expansion and Magnetic Properties of Pr2Cu0.8Ge3 Compound Materials Chemistry and Physics. Materials Chemistry and Physics 2011, 130, 1336-1340. 2.234 1

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