Prof. Maria Elektorowicz

Department of Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Concordia University, Canada






1971-1977 M.Eng. and Ph.D., Warsaw Technical University


Publications (Selected)

  1. DIEGTIAREVA T., ELEKTOROWICZ M., 2001, Water quality change due to dredging of heavy metals contaminated sediments in the Old Harbor of Montreal, Water Quality Research Journal of Canada, Vol 36, No1, pp1-19
  2. DIEGTIAREVA T., ELEKTOROWICZ M., 2001. Change in water quality of industrial channels due to resuspension of sediments contaminated with heavy metals, Water Science & Technology, Vol.1 (2), 27-35
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  15. NIKKAMI D., ELEKTOROWICZ M., MEHYUS R., 1996, MUSLE interfacing with SPAN-GIS, CSCE 3rd Canadian Conference on computing in Civil Eng., August, Montreal, 678-687

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