Dr. Ali Kilic

Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design,

Istanbul Technical University,


Assistant Professor



2012  Ph.D., Fiber and Polymer Science, North Carolina State University, USA

2008  M.Sc., Textile Engineering, Graduate School, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

2006  B.Sc., Textile Engineering, Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Publications (Selected)

  1. Kilic A., Oruc F., Demir A: “Effects of Polarity on Electrospinning Process”; Textile Research Journal June 2008 vol. 78 no. 6, 2008.
  2. Ali Kilic, Eunkyoung Shim, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Bong-Yeol Yeom: “Improving Electret Properties of PP Filaments with Barium Titanate”, Journal of Electrostatics, Volume 71, Issue 1, February 2013, Pages 41–47.
  3. Ali Kilic, Eunkyoung Shim, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Bong-Yeol Yeom: “Effect of DMDBS (3 : 2, 4-bis(3,4-dimethyldibenzylidene) sorbitol) and NA11 (sodium 2,20-methylene-bis(4,6-di-tertbutylphenyl)-phosphate) on Electret Properties of Polypropylene Filaments” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 130, Issue 3, p 2068-2075, Nov 2013.
  4. Kilic A., Yeom B,Y., Shim E., Pourdeyhimi B “Aerosol filtration properties of nucleating agent containing electret filters”, Polymer Engineering & Science, Volume 54, Issue 7, pages 1533–1539, July 2014.
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  6. Ali Kilic, Eunkyoung Shim, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, "Electrostatic Capture Efficiency Enhancement of Polypropylene Electret Filters with Barium Titanate", Aerosol Science and Technology, Vol. 8, No. 49, 06/2015, s. 666-673.
  7. Ramazan Simsek, Yusuf Polat, Esra Serife Pampal, Onur Agma, Ali Kilic, "Ultrasonic coating of nanofibrous webs: a feasible approach to photocatalytic water filters", Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, 07/2015.
  8. Huseyin Avci, Mesbah Najafi, Ali Kilic, Richard Kotek, "Highly crystalline and oriented high-strength poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers by using low molecular weight polymer", Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 08/2015, ISSN: DOI: 10.1002/app.42747.
  9. Tamer Hamouda, Ahmed H. Hassanin, Ali Kilic, Zeki Candan, Mehmet Safa Bodur, Hybrid Composites from Coir Fibers Reinforced with Woven Glass Fabrics: Physical and Mechanical Evaluation, submitted to Polymer Composites.
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  23. B Simon, K Bachtin, A Kiliç, B Amor, M Weil,  Proposal of a framework for scale‐up life cycle inventory: A case of nanofibers for lithium iron phosphate cathode applications Integrated environmental assessment and management.

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