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Prof. Molla Gedefaw

GAMBY College of Medical Sciences, Ethiopia

Email: mollagedefaw@yahoo.com


2006-2007, Post Graduate Study, University of Gondar, Ethiopia

1991-2001, Under graduate study with Dissertation, University of Leipzig, Germany

Publications (Selected)

1. Molla Gedefaw, Dawit Muluneh, Mekonnen Aychiluhum. Current status of family planning utilization among married women in hard to reach communities: the Gumuz, North West Ethiopia.  Open Journal of Epidemiology, 2014, 4.

2. Molla Gedefaw, Bilal Muche, Mekonnen Aychiluhum. Current status of antenatal care utilization in Dembecha District, Northwest Ethiopia. Open Journal of Epidemiology, 2014, 4.

3. Molla Gedefaw, Habtamu Woldehana, Ayu Gizachew, Fentahun Taddess: Assessment of Maternal near miss at Debremarkose referral hospital, Northwest Ethiopia: Five years Experience. Open Journal of Epidemiology, 2014, 4.

4. Molla Gedefaw, Fisseha Setargie, Worku Awoke: Satisfaction of chronic illness patients at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, Bahir Dar City, Northwest Ethiopia. Open Journal of Epidemiology, 2014, 4.

5. Molla Gedefaw, Ali Shiferaw, Zelalem Alamrew, Amsalu Feleke, Tsegaw Fentie, Kiros Atnafu,  Current state of active trachoma among elementary school students in the context of ambitious national growth plan: The case of Ethiopia. Health 5 (2013) 1768-1773

6. Molla Gedefaw, Amanuel Eshete1, Mekonnen Aychiluhem, Mr. Telake Azale.Water-pipe tobacco epidemic in tobacco naive communities: Experience from Ethiopia. Open Journal of Epidemiology, 2013, 3, 184-192.

7. Zelalem Berhan, Fantu Abebe, Molla Gedefaw, Mulugeta Tesfa. Prevalence of HIV and Associated Factors among Infants Born to HIV Positive Women in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2014, 5, 464-474.

8. Kumlachew Geremew, Molla Gedefaw, Zewdu Dagnew, Dube Jara. Current level and correlates of traditional cooking energy sources’ utilization in urban settings in the context of climate change and health, Northwest Ethiopia: A case of Debre Markos town. BMC Public health.

9. Abreham Tamiru, Girmay Tsegay, Moges Wubie, Molla Gedefaw, Sara Tomczyk, Fasil Tekola-Ayele. Podoconiosis patients' willingness to pay for treatment services in Northwest Ethiopia: potential for cost recovery. BMC Public Health 2014, 14:259.

10. Zewdie Aderaw and Molla Gedefaw. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of the Community towards Malaria Prevention and Control Options in Anti-Malaria Association Intervention Zones of Amahara National Regional State, Ethiopia. J Trop Dis 1: 118

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13. Habtamu Abera Hareri1, Molla Gedefaw, Bekel Simengn. Assessment of prevalence and associated factors of adherence to antihypertensive agents among adults on follow up in Adama Referal hospital, East Shoa, Ethiopia-cross sectional study. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Science (2014) 3(1): 760-770.

14. Molla Gedefaw and Kassa Dargie. Ivermectin treatment of Sowda in Ghanan patients. Ethiopian journal of health and biomedical sciences; 2009.