Dr. Lin Lang-Dong

National Yunlin University of Science &Technology

Department of Cultural Heritage Conservation

Assistant Professor



1993 Ph.D., Department of Forestry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Pulp & Paper Biotechnology

1987 M.Sc., Department of Forestry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Pulp & Paper Engineering

1985 B.Sc., Department of Forestry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Forestry Industry

Publications (Selected)

  1. Lo, Sheng-Fong, Song-Yung Wang, Ming-Jer Tsai and Lang-Dong Lin (2012.09) Adsorption capacity and removal efficiency of heavy metal ions by Moso and Ma bamboo activated carbons. Chemical Engineering Research and Design. (SCI)
  2. Lin, Cheng-Jung, Ming-Jer Tsai, Song-Yung Wang, Te-Hsin Yang, Lang-Dong Lin 2010.06. Evaluation on the residual strength of China fir wood members using the pilodyn method. Forest Product Industry 29(2)89 -98.
  3. Lin, Lang-Dong, Yi-Fu Chen, Song-Yung Wang and Tsai, Ming-Jer (2009) Leachability, metal corrosion and termite resistance of wood treated with copper-based preservative. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 63(4): 533–538. (SCI)
  4. Tsai, Ming-Jer, Song-Yung Wang, Cheng-Jung Lin, Te-Hsin Yang, Yao-Ming Xie and Lang-Dong Lin (2008Effects of preservative treatment on the physical and mechanical properties of new wood components used for listed historical buildings. Forest Product Industry 27(2) :83-96.
  5. Lin, Cheng-Jung, Yu-Chien Kao, Ta-Te Lin, Ming-Jer Tsai, Song-Yung Wang, Lang-Dong Lin, Ya-Nan Wang and Ming-Hsun Chan (2008) Application of an ultrasonic tomographic technique for detecting defects in standing trees. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 62(4): 434–441. (SCI)
  6. Lin, Lang-Dong, Te-Hsin Yang, Chia-Lin Tseng, Chia-Ju Lee, Yu-Chien Kao, Tzu-Fen Liu, Song-Yung Wang, Tsai, Ming-Jer (2008Relationship between Moisture Contents Measured by Different Methods and Effect of Moisture Content on Ultrasonic Velocity of Wood Species Used in Listed Historical Buildings of Taiwan. Journal of the Experimental Forest of National Taiwan University 22(2)75-87.
  7. Tsai, Ming-Jer, Song-Yung Wang, Miao-Fen Yan and Lang-Dong Lin (2008) Assessment of temperature and relative humidity conditioning behavior of interior decorative materials in container under ventilation condition. Indoor and Built Environment 17(2)146-154.(SCI)
  8. Lin, Cheng-Jung, Yi-Chung Wang, Lang-Dong Lin, Chyi-Rong Chiou, Ya-Nan Wang and Ming-Jer Tsai (2008) Effects of feed speed ratio and laser power on engraved depth and color difference of Moso bamboo lamina. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 198(1-3): 419–425. (SCI)
  9. Lin, Cheng-Jung, Ming-Jer Tsai, Chia-Ju Lee, Song-Yung Wang and Lang-Dong Lin (2007) Effects of ring characteristics on the compressive strength and dynamic modulus of elasticity of seven softwood species. Holzforschung 61(4): 414–418. (SCI)
  10. Lin, Lang-Dong, Ching-Min Hsieh, Been-Huang Chiang and Ming-Jer Tsai (2007) Modified atmosphere and humidity packages for conservation of paper antiques. J. Wood Sci. 53(2): 121–126. (SCI)(Awarded Grant of Emachu Research Fund)

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