Prof. Samuel Mendlinger

Boston University, USA

Professor of Administrative Sciences



1980 Postdoctorate, University of California

1977 Ph.D., Hebrew University

1971 M.Sc., Tel-Aviv University

1965 B.Sc., Queens College

Publications (Selected)

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  8. D. Pasternak, Y. De Malach, S. Mendlinger, and I. Borovic. 1989. Irrigation with brackish water under desert conditions. VIII. Further studies on irrigation management of onions with brackish water. Agric. Water Manag. 16:201-215.
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  20. Polimbetova, F., S. Mendlinger and Y.A. Aitosabetova. 1996. Preservation of biological diversity of Kazakh melons. NAN PK 21:21-34.

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