Prof. Steven L. Forman

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Luminescence Dating Research Laboratory

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA




1981-1986 Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder, Geological Sciences

Publications (Selected)

  1. Ahr, S. N., Nordt, L. and Forman, S. L., “Soil genesis, optical dating, and geoarchaeological evaluation of two upland Alfisol pedons within the Tertiary Gulf Coastal Plain.” Geoderma, 192, 211-236 (2013).
  2. Brown, N., and Forman, S. L., “Evaluating a SAR TT-OSL protocol for dating fine-grained quartz within Late Pleistocene loess deposits in the Missouri and Mississippi river valleys, United States,” Quaternary Geochronology, 12, 87-97 (2012).
  3. Londono, A. C., Forman, S. L., Eichler, T. and Pierson, J. “Episodic eolian deposition in the past ca. 50,000 years in the Alto Ilo dune field, southern Peru,” Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology346-347, 12-24, (2012
  4. Blumer, B. E., Arbogst, A. F. and Forman, S.L.,”The OSL chronology of eolian sand deposition in a perched dune field along the northwestern shore of Lower Michigan,” Quaternary Research, 77, 445-455(2012).
  5. Wright, D., Forman, S. L., Waters, M. and Ravesloot, J., “Holocene eolian activity as a proxy for broad-scale landscape change on the Gila River Indian Community, Arizona,” Quaternary Research, 76 (1), 10-21(2011).
  6. Waters, M.R. Forman, S. L. Jennings, T. A., Nordt, L. C., Driese, S. G., Feinberg, J. M., Keene, J., L., Halligan, J., Lindquist, A., Pierson, J., Hallmark, C. T., Collins, M. B. and Wiederhold, J. E., “The Buttermilk Creek Complex and the Origins of Clovis at the Debra L. Friedkin Site, Texas”, Science 331(6024), 1599-1603 (2011).
  7. Argyilan, E. P., Forman, S. L., and Thompson, T.A., “Variability of Lake Michigan water level during the past 1000 years reconstructed through optical dating of coastal strandplain,” Holocene, 20 (5), 723-731 (2010
  8. Seifert, C.S., Cox, R.T., Foti, T.L., Forman, S.L., Wasklewicz, T.A., and McColgan, A.T., “Relict nebkhas (pimple mounds) record extreme late Holocene drought in the south-central United States,” Quaternary Research, 71, 329-339 (2009).
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  11. Forman, S.L., Sagintayev, Z., Sultan, M., Smith, S., Becker, R. Kendall, M. and Marin, L. “The migration of parabolic dunes and wetland formation at Cape Cod National Sea Shore, MA: Landscape response to a legacy of environmental disturbance,” Holocene, 18(5), 765-774 (2008).
  12. Schaetzl, R. J. and Forman, S. L., “OSL ages on glaciofluvial sediment in northern Lower Michigan constrain expansion of the Laurentide ice sheet,” Quaternary Research, 70, 81-90 (2008).
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  14. Briner, J. P., Axford, Y. Forman, S. L., Miller, G. H. and Wolfe, A. P., “Multiple generations of interglacial lake sediment preserved beneath the Laurentide Ice Sheet,” Geology, 35(10), 887-890 (2007).
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  17. Anikovich, M. V., Sinitsyn, A. A., Hoffecker, J. F., Holliday, V. T., Popov, V. V., Lisitsyn, S. N., Forman, S. L., Levkovskaya, G. M., Pospelova, G. A., Kuz’mina, I. E., Burova, N. D., Goldberg, P. Macphail, R.I., Giaccio, B. and  Praslov, N. D., “Early Upper Paleolithic in Eastern Europe and Implications for the Dispersal of Modern Humans,” Science 315, 223-226 (2007).
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  19. Forman, S. L., Spaeth, M., Marín, L., Pierson, J. and Gómez, J., “Episodic late Holocene dune movements on the sand sheet area, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, San Luis Valley, Colorado,” Quaternary Research 66, 97-108 (2006).
  20. Forman, S. L., Marín, L., Pierson, J., Gómez, J., Miller, G. H., and Webb, R. S., “Deciphering eolian depositional records from western Nebraska: Potential landscape response to megadroughts in the past 1500 years,” Holocene 15(7), 973-981 (2005).

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