Dr. Lada Zivkovic

Faculty of Pharmacy

University of Belgrade, Serbia

Assistant Professor for Biology and Human Genetics



2010 Ph.D., Biological Science Faculty of Biology University of Belgrade

2004 M.Sc., Biological Science, Faculty of Biology University of Belgrade

1996 B.Sc., The Faculty of Molecular Biology and Physiology University of Belgrade

Research Fields

Role of centromere and centromere associated proteins in Alzheimers Disease

Genetics of aging

Publications (selected)

  1. Vladan Bajic, Vesna Mandusic, Elka Stefanova, Ana Bozovic, Radoslav Davidovic, Lada Zivkovic, Andrea Cabarkapa, Biljana Spremo-Potparevic. Skewed X-Chromosome Inactivation in Women Affected by Alzheimer's Disease. J. Alzheimers Dis. J Alzheimers Dis 2014 Aug 26. Epub 2014 Aug 26.
  2. Plecas-Solarovic Bosiljka, Djelic Ninoslav, Bajic Vladan, Zivkovic Lada, Biljana Spremo-Potparevic. Cytogenetic aleterations in Peripheral Cells of Alzheimer'S Disease Patients.GENETIKA-BELGRADE, (2014), vol. 46 br. 1, str. 315-330.
  3. Ninoslav Djelić, Milena Radaković, Biljana Spremo-Potparević, Lada Zivković, Vladan Bajić, Jevrosima Stevanović, Zoran Stanimirović Evaluation of cytogenetic and DNA damage in human lymphocytes treated with adrenaline in vitro.Toxicol In Vitro Toxicol In Vitro 2014 Aug 27. Epub 2014 Aug 27.
  4. Cabarkapa A, Zivković L, Zukovec D, Djelić N, Bajić V, Dekanski D, Spremo-Potparević B.Protective effect of dry olive leaf extract in adrenaline induced DNA damage evaluated using in vitro comet assay with human peripheral leukocytes. Toxicol In Vitro. 2014.
  5. Milićević Z, Bajić V, Zivković L, Kasapović J, Andjelković U, Spremo-Potparević B. Identification of p53 and Its Isoforms in Human Breast Carcinoma Cells. ScientificWorld Journal. 2014. 5;2014:618698. doi: 10.1155/2014/618698.
  6. Zivković L, Spremo-Potparević B, Siedlak SL, Perry G, Plećaš-Solarović B, Milićević Z, Bajić VP. DNA Damage in Alzheimer Disease Lymphocytes and Its Relation to Premature Centromere Division. Neurodegener Dis.;12(3):156-63.
  7. Zivkovic Lada P, Bajic Vladan P, Zukovec Dijana, Cabarkapa Andrea, Spremo- Potparevic Biljana. Alterations of Acrocentric Chromosomes in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes in Patients with Alzheimer'S Disease (Article) ARCHIVES OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, (2013), vol. 65 br. 2, str. 439-445.
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  25. Spremo-Potparevic B, Zivkovic L, Djelic N and Bajic V., 2004. Analysis of premature centromere division (PCD) of the X chromosome in Alzheimer patients through the cell cycle. Journal of Exper. Gerontology 39 : 849-854.

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