Prof. Abbas S. Milani

School of Engineering

University of British Columbia




2005  Ph.D., McGill University, Mechanical Engineering

2000  M.Sc., IUST, Mechanical Engineering

1998  B.Sc., IUST, Mechanical Engineering

Publications (slected)

  1. H. Hosseini-Nasab, A. S. Milani (2012) “An improvement of quantitative strategic planning matrix using multiple criteria decision making and fuzzy numbers”, Applied Soft Computing (manuscript no.: ASOC-D-10-00308, accepted on March 3, 2012).
  2. H. Rokni, A. S. Milani, R. J. Seethaler (2012) "2D optimum distribution of carbon nanotubes to maximize fundamental natural frequency of polymer composite micro–beams”, Composites Part B: Engineering, 42(2): 779–785.
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  4. M. Modirzadeh, S. Tesfamariam, A. S. Milani (2012) “Performance based earthquake evaluation of reinforced concrete buildings using design of experiments”, Expert Systems With Applications, 39(3): 2919–2926.
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  6. S. Pakpour, A. S. Milani, M. Chenier (2012) “A multi-criteria decision-making approach for comparing different sample preservation and DNA extraction methods from swine feces, American Journal of Molecular Biology (manuscript no.: 1070057, in press).
  7. J. B. Torrez, A. S. Milani, D. D. C. Schuetze (2012) “Material selection for a light-weight naval craft using the modified digital logic method: dealing with ranking abnormalities”, International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity, Special Issue on Materials Selection (manuscript no.: IJMS32, in press).
  8. R. T. Faal, M. B. Amiri, A. A. Pirmohammadi, A. S. Milani (2012) "Vibration analysis of undamped, suspended multi-beam absorber systems", Meccanica (DOI 10.1007/s11012-011-9493-2, in press).
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