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Prof. Khawaja Husnain Haider

University of Cincinnati, USA


E mail: khhaider@gmail.com


1993 Ph.D., University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

1985 M.Pharmacy, University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan

1983 B.Pharmacy, University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan

1978 B.S., University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan

Publications (selected)

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  2. Khach Lai V, Ashraf M, Jiang S, Haider HKh. MicroRNA-143 is critical regulator of cell cycle activity in stem cells with co-overexpression of Akt and angiopoietin-1 via transcriptional regulation of Erk5/Cyclin D1 signaling. Cell Cycle, 2012, 11(4), 667-77.
  3. Niagara MI, Jiang S, Ashraf M, Haider HKh. Activation of IL11/STAT-3 pathway by preconditioning blocks apoptotic cascade in human skeletal myoblasts under oxidant stress. Regene Med. 2012, 7(1), 47-57.
  4. Kach Lai V, Afzal MR, Ashraf M, Jiang S, Haider HKh. Non-hypoxic stabilization of Hif-1α during coordinated interaction between Akt and angiopoietin-1 enhances endothelial commitment of bone marrow stem cells.J Mol Medicine. 2012 January.
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