Prof. Jean-Paul Soucy

Université de Montréal, Canada




1990-1993 M.Sc., Université de Montréal, Neurosciences

1980-1984 Post Graduate, Université de Montréal, Internal Medicine & Nuclear Medicine

1975-1980 M.D., Université de Montréal, Medicine

Publications (Selected)

  1. SOUCY JP, MRINI A, LAFAILLE F, DOUCET G, DESCARRIES L. (1997). “Comparative evaluation of [3H] WIN 35428 and [3H] GBR 12935 as markers of dopamine innervation density in brain”. Synapse, 23, p 163-175.
  2. LOBBEZOO F, SOUCY JP, HARTMANN NG, MONTPLAISIR JY, LAVIGNE GJ. (1997). "Effects of the D2 receptor agonist bromocriptine on sleep bruxism: report of two single-patients clinical trials". Journal of Dental Research, 76, p 1610-1614.
  3. TRONCY E, GUAY JP, HARTMAN NG, SOUCY JP, BLAISE G, BONNEAU NH, CUVELLIEZ S. (1997). "Anesthésie répétée au propofol d'un chien pour fin de radiothérapie". Le médecin vétérinaire du Québec, 27, p 109-111.
  4. SOUCY JP, ROULEAU I, ROY D, ROBIDOUX J, LAFLAMME K, LAFLAMME L. (1999). « Absence of correlation between amobarbitaldistribution as assessed with SPECT brain perfusion imaging and behavioral manifestations during the intracarotidamobarbital procedure ». Prog.Neuro-psychopharmacology & Biol. Psychiatry, 23, p 259-274.
  5. LAVIGNE G, SOUCY JP, LOBBEZZOO F, MANZINI C, BLANCHET PJ, MONTPLAISIR JY. (2001). «Double blind, cross over, placebo-controlled trial with bromocriptine in patients with sleep bruxism». Clinical Neuropharmacology, 24, #3, p 145-149.
  6. M. Mignotte, J. Meunier, J.-P. Soucy, C. Janicki. (2002). Comparison of deconvolution techniques using a distribution mixture parameter estimation: application in spect imagery. Journal of electronic imaging, 11 (1): 11-25.
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  8. DUCHESNE N, SOUCY JP, MASSON H, CHOUINARD S, BÉDARD MA. (2002). Cognitive deficits and striatal dopaminergic innervation in Parkinson’s disease: -CIT ina single photon emission computed tomography study using Iodine 123– patients ON and OFF levodopa. Clinical Neuropharmacology 25, #4, p 216-224.
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