Prof. Carmen Wing Han Chan-Yip

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China



2006 Ph.D., University of London, Nursing

1997 M.Sc., The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nursing

1991 B.Sc., University of Missouri, Nursing

Publications (selected)

  1. Shiu A.T.Y.; Chan C.W.H.; Lam P., Kwong A.N.L., Baccalaureate nursing students’ perceptions of peer assessment of individual contributions to a group project: A case study. Nurse Education Today. Impact factor: 0.907.
  2. Chan, C.W.H.; Tam, W.; Cheng, K.K.F.; Chui, Y.Y.; So, W.K.W.; Mok, T.; Wong, C.; McReynolds, J.; Berry, D.L. (2011). Piloting Electronic Self Report Symptom Assessment - Cancer (ESRA-C) in Hong Kong: a mix method approach. European Journal of Oncology Nursing. Published on line: doi:10.1016/j.ejon.2010.10.002 Impact factor: 2.080.
  3. Chan C.W.H., Tong J.Y.C., Chair S.Y., Choi K.C., Ip W.Y, Sit J.W.H., So W.K.W. (2011). Quality of life of patients with advanced Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in Hong Kong. Supportive Care in Cancer 19 (2), S334. Impact factor: 2.089.
  4. Ip, W.Y., Chan, M.Y., Chan, D.S.K., Chan C.W.H. (2011). Knowledge of and attitude to contraception among migrant women workers in mainland China. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20(11-12), 1685-1695. Impact factor: 1.698.
  5. Chan C.W.H.; Richardson A.; Richardson J. (2011). Managing symptoms in patients with advanced lung cancer during radiotherapy: results of a psychoeducational randomized controlled trial. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 41 (2), 347-357. Impact factor: 2.998.
  6. Chair, S.Y.; Sit, J.W.H.; Chan, C.W.H.; Wang, W.; Yu, M.M. (2011). Effects of a Nurse-led Heart Failure Clinic on Patient Outcomes. International Journal of Cardiology, 147, S4-S5.. Impact factor: 3.469.
  7. Chair, S.Y.; Choi, K.C.; Lee, D.T.F.; Wong, E.M.L.; Chan, C.W.H.; Sit, J.W.H.; So. W.K.W., (2011). Central Obesity among Chinese Patients with Heart Disease. International Journal of Cardiology, 147 (S1), S29. Impact factor: 3.469.
  8. Yu, M.M.; Chair, S.Y.; Chan, C.W.H.; So. W.K.W., Wong, E.M.L. (2011). Perceived Learning Needs of Patients with Heart Failure in China: A Cross-sectional Questionnaire Survey. International Journal of Cardiology, 147 (S1), S15. Impact factor: 3.469.
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  10. Yu, M.M.; Chair, S.Y.; Chan, C.W.H., Lee, D.T.F. (2011). What Our Patients Actually Want to Know: Information Needs of Patients with Heart Failure in China. International Journal of Cardiology, 147 (S1), S16. Impact factor: 3.469.
  11. Li, C.K., Chan C. W.H., Goggins W., Cheng K.K.F., Chien W.T., Yuen H.L., Li C.K. (2010). A survey on health status and health related quality of life of childhood cancer survivors in Hong Kong. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 55 (5), 840. Impact factor: 2.134.
  12. Gu, C.; Chan, C.W.H. (corresponding author); Twinn, S.F. (2010). How sexual history and knowledge of cervical cancer and screening influence Chinese women's screening behavior in Mainland China.Cancer Nursing 33 (6), 445- 453. Impact factor: 2.097.
  13. Shiu, A.T.Y.; Twinn S.F.; Lee G.C.T.; Chan C.W.H.; Kwong K.K.F. (2010) Strategies to maximize cervical cancer screening rate among older Hong Kong Chinese women – Have we got an answer yet? A cultural consensus analysis study. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19. 3244-3246. Impact factor: 1.698.
  14. Yu, M.M., Chair, S.Y., Chan, C.W.H., Liu, M. (2010). Testing the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Heart Failure Learning Needs Inventory. Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care, 39(4), 262-274. Impact factor: 1.337.

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