Prof. Essam E. Khalil

Cairo University, Egypt



1977 Ph.D., London University, Mechanical Engineering

1973 M.Sc., Cairo University, Mech. Engineering

1971 B.Sc., Cairo University, Mech. Engineering

Publications (selected)

  1. S. Ali and E. E Khalil, (2012) Numerical Investigation of Impulse Ventilation for Smoke Control in an Underground Car Park, Proceedings, IECEC paper IECEC-2012-1314859.
  2. S. du Clou , M.J. Brooks, W.E. Lear , S.A. Sherif and E.E. Khalil (2012) Pulsed Ejector Cooling System .Proceedings, IECEC paper IECEC-2012-1287073.
  3. E. O. B. Ogedengbe , O. Igbekoyi and E.E Khalil (2012) Analysis of Electricity Consumption in the Faculty of Engineering with Integration of Renewable Solar Power System, Proceedings, IECEC paper IECEC-2012-1285937.
  4. N. El Gharbi, A. Benzaoui, E.E. Khalil and R. Kameel (2012) Analysis of indoor air quality in surgical operating rooms using experimental and numerical investigations Mechanics and Industry, Vol. 13, no 1, pp 1-5, 2012.
  5. E.E. Khalil, (2012) Holistic Approach to Green Buildings from Construction Material to Services, ASME Conference, Chicago, Paper DETC -2102-70283.
  6. E.E. Khalil, (2012) Design Of Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings In Developing Countries, ASME Conference, Chicago, Paper DETC -2102-70284.
  7. A. ElDegwy, S.M.Morkos, A.S. Sabry and E.E.Khalil, (2012) Numerical Computations of Flow Regimes in enclosed Spaces, ASME Conference, Chicago, Paper DETC -2102-70285.
  8. E.E. Khalil, (2012) CFD History and Applications, CFD Letters, Vol.4, Issue 2, June 2012.
  9. E.E. Khalil, (2012) Flow regimes and Heat Transfer Patterns in the Climatized Archaeological Church of Christ in Cairo, Egypt, ASME Congress Paper Number: IMECE2012-85088.
  10. E.E. Khalil, (2012) Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Think Pyramids ASME Congress Paper Number: IMECE2012-85201.
  11. D. E. Khalil, A. A.Medhat and E. E.Khalil (2012) Energy Modelling Of Modern Residence in Egypt, ASME Congress Paper Number: IMECE2012-85714.
  12. E. E. Khalil, (2012) Innovative Approach to Energy Efficient Buildings from Construction Material to Services ASME Congress Paper Number IMECE2012-85087.
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  18. Energy Future, Academic Bookshop Publishers, 1999 (In Arabic).
  19. Water Desalination, Academic Bookshop Publishers, 1999 (In Arabic).
  20. Types and Performance of Pumps and Compressors. UNESCO_Ellos, 2012.

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