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Prof. Ranganathaiah Chikkakuntappa

University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore, India


Email: cr@physics.uni-mysore.ac.in


1980 Ph.D., University of Mysore

Publications (Selected)


  1. Hyper branched Polymers for High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Membranes with Improved  Properties  Sambhu Bhadra, C. Ranganathaiah, Joong Hee Lee: J.Appl.Polm.Sci. 121, (2011) 923–92.
  2. Microwave assisted improvement in physico-mechanical proerties of Ply(vinyl alcohol)/Poly(ethylene imine)/Gelatin blends: M.K.Manjula, K.M.  Lokanatha Rai, J. M. Raj, C. S. Manjula, Siddaramaiah and  C. Ranganathaiah  Journal of Polymer Research 17 (2010) 89–98.
  3. A new method of stabilization and characterization of the interface in binary polymer blends:An hydrodynamic approach through free volume quantification: J.M.Raj and C.Ranganathaiah Journal of Polymer Science Part B-Polymer Physics 47 (2009) 619–632.
  4. Phase morphology, Rheology, Mechanical and Free volume studies of Polytrimethylene terephthalate/Polycarbonate Blends: Indose Aravind, Seno Jose,  Kyung Hyun Ahn, C. Ranganathaiah and Sabu Thomas: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (ACS)  48 (2009) 9942–9951.
  5. Diffusion of permanent liquid dye molecules in human hair investigated by Positron Lifetime Spectroscopy : M.N. Chandrashekara and C.Ranganathaiah:  Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 69 (2009) 129–134.
  6. A Free volume study on the phase modifications brought out by e-beam and microwave.
  7. irradiation in PP/NBR and PVC/SAN blends: J.M.Raj and C.Ranganathaiah: Polymer Degradation and Stability 94 (2009) 397–403.
  8. Investigation of multi-walled carbon nanotube reinforced high density polyethylene/carbon black nanocomposites using electrical, DSC and Positron Lifetime Spectroscopy: T.Jeevananda, Y. K. Jang, H. Lee, Siddaramaiah, M. V. Deepa Urs and C. Ranganathaiah: Polymer International  58 ( 2009) 775-780.
  9. A new method of determining miscibility in binary polymer blends through hydrodynamic interaction: The free volume approach: The free volume approach: C Ranganathaiah  and G N Kumaraswamy J. Appl. Poly. Sci.  111 (2009) 577-588.
  10. Glucose and water diffusion kinetics study in a Fluorosilicone Acrylate contact lens material by Positron  method: M V Deepa Urs and C Ranganathaiah: J. Biomaterials Sci.:Polymer edition 18 (2007) 641-654.
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  12. Gas transport through nano and micro composites of natural rubber(NR) and their blends with   carboxylated styrene butadiene rubber (XSBR) latex membranes.: Ranimol Stephen, C.Ranganathaiah, S. Varghese, K. Joseph, and S. Thomas: Polymer 47 (2006) 858-870.


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