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Prof. Singa Wang Chiu

Dept. of Business Administration

Chaoyang University of Technology

Wufong, Taichung413, Taiwan, China

Email: swang@cyut.edu.tw


2004 Ph.D., Industrial Engineering & Management, Chung-Yuan Christian University,Chung-Li 320, Taiwan, China

1988 M.S., Computer and Information Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey 07102, USA

1978 B.S., Banking and Insurance, Ming-Chuan University, Taipei111, Taiwan, China

Publications (Selected)

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  3. Chiu, Singa Wang, Chiu, Y-S. P., Yang, J-C. (2012) Combining an alternative multi-delivery policy into economic production lot size problem with partial rework.Expert Systems with Applications, 39(3), 2578-2583.
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